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Waialua, HI



Dedication to anything that elevated and embraces the heart. I.39



March 13th - March 19th

≚   B E C O M E  S T I L L N E S S 

Drop In.   There are many distractions in our daily lives that draw us further from ourselves. At times, the stress & activity of our days can make us feel a great sense of disconnect. Take a moment and practice a willingness to slow down, be exactly where we are, feel the earth steady beneath our feet, & balance the overactive mind to invite a deeper consciousness. A sacred and connected yoga practice grounds the senses and brings us back to ourselves. Trust the body and still the mind as we become receptive to that inner space of knowing. Awake the sense of safety and calm that surrounds our hearts. All it takes it a little practice. Thoughtful. Loving. Patient. ॐ. 

March 6th - March 12th

   R E M A I N   T R U E 

Genuine Light.   Our intuitive nature is always with us.  The practice of yoga brings us back to that space of reality. We can remove the illusions of fear, conflicts, uncertainty, when we are steadied in the knowledge of our own personal truth. Take the time to settle the overactive mind and encourage surrender in the body. By practicing, we renew trust in ourselves, we gather our confidence and commit to the next steps on life's journey. Come into the state of being that leads us forward in truth.   Honest. Sincere. Self. ॐ.

February 28th - March 5th

  I N T E N T I O N  F R O M  T H E  H E A R T  

A Vow.   Everyday we intentionally chose what to invite into our bodies, minds, & hearts. In a world full of noise, confusion, and distractions it can be challenging to be constantly aware of what we draw inwards. A yoga practice aims to bring order to the disorder, so that we may connect those intentions to something greater. By simply creating movement and breath we are able to develop an attitude of awareness toward the center of ourselves. Find your practice & discover the intention that leads you back to the very core of your heart.   Meaning. Core. Spirit. ॐ.

February 7th - February 13th


⦿   A W A R E N E S S  O F  B R E A T H   ⦿

Align Energy.   In a yoga practice we decompress tensions in the body to allow the breath, energy, or prana to move freely. Encouraging the senses to draw inward, we drop in to the sound and rhythm of our breath as it circulates the body. We approach each pose with attention, alignment, ease and begin to see how profoundly the quality of our breath affects us. Connect to the flow of breath as it clears areas in the body, restoring and healing the essential movement of energy. Join body, breath, & energy, to come home to our true selves.   Unite. True. Center. ॐ.

January 31st - February 6th

   B O D Y   I N   M O T I O N   

Allow movement.   Often when we think of yoga we are immediately reminded of the shapes and positions taken by the physical body. As our practice progresses we begin to see the postures as pathways that create space for a deeper connection. Through asana, discomforts and distractions in the body become quiet. The combination of movement in the body & awareness of breath allow thoughts, sensations, emotions, time to settle and disperse. We begin to feel steadier, stronger, and connected. In yoga we do not need to change the body. We simply meet the body where we are, exactly as we are, and with great love.   Steady. Comfort. Flow. ॐ. 

January 24th - 30th

  R E C A L L   C L A R I T Y  

Clear Mind Noise.   Clarity radiates from our hearts. It infuses our bodies, minds, and lives. Yoga cultivates a mindful awareness that moves us beyond the flitting thoughts of daily life. Our perception shifts to the sensations of movement and breath, as thoughts begin to drift away. We turn inward, the mind becomes still, and the heart can be heard. Return to the practice that nurtures clarity so we may listen to the creative force of the hearts desire.   Bright. Free. Pure. ॐ. 

January 17th - 23rd

  D E V O T E D   P R A C T I C E  

Constant Virtue.   A devoted practice can be an incredibly stabilizing, anchoring, and nurturing force in our lives. The habits we choose can encourage us to reestablish, strengthen, and deepen our connection with others, the world, and ourselves. Whether your practice is to heal, create, learn or otherwise, every experience of each individual practice is valuable. Be steady and patient with yourself as you invite a sense of safety and calm to surround body, mind, spirit, & heart. Welcome support and trust in the steady rhythm of a devoted practice.  Faithful. Mindful. Loyal. ॐ. 

January 3rd - 9th

  R E S T O R E    E Q U A N I M I T Y  

Reclaim Balance.   Everyday we encounter distractions that may stir restlessness, uneasy breathing, incite worry, or otherwise disturb our balance. To regain our composure we can always turn to the centering practice of linking breath and movement. This steady, mindful connection can restore the delicate balance of heart + mind. The greatest challenge is to allow ourselves the time to review, to exhale, and return to center. Encourage calm and find the way back to your natural state of grace through the practice of yoga.    Composed. Stable. Clear. ॐ. 

December 27th - January 3rd

  P R E S E N C E  

In This Moment.   As the end of the year approaches we often find ourselves busy with revisiting the old, and setting goals for the new.  And while what came before is an important reflection, we can't let it pull us from the joys of the now.  Bridging time between old & new, these classes serve as a gentle reminder to be present in the purpose of each day. Breath, alignment, and awareness combine to nurture an open heart and balanced mind as we practice a willingness to be exactly where we are in each & every moment. For this occasion in time allow the head to drop away and lead with presence of heart.    Reverence. Purpose. Love. ॐ. 

December 20th - 26th

  M O R N I N G  F L O W  

A Yoga Practice.   Take a full deep breath in. Full deep breath out. Give yourself a moment of pause before the day begins to move through an all levels vinyasa class led by yoga teacher Morgan Schneller. Wake up with a practice that allows you to explore the strength of the body with the clarity of a meditative mind.    Devoted. Aware. Connected. ॐ.